Matrix Cloud

Hosted Applications

Increase your organization’s agility by moving from locally installed applications to hosted applications on BEAR Technologies secure servers. Applications installed and operating in the cloud reduce ownership costs and allow businesses to scale securely.

BEAR Technologies hosts client applications in our secure data centers with redundant power and internet which increases overall reliability. By hosting applications on cloud servers, we manage business application patches and upgrades at the server level. Running patches and updates at the server level you avoid individual machine corruption and can easily roll back an update.

Hosted Applications easily transforms legacy hardware into powerful business machines saving your business money in system and hardware upgrades. User experience remains the same as it did with locally installed application and use of local printers, copiers, scanners and other peripheral devices remains the same.

BIG benefits for you and your team

  • Secure access controls with two factor authentication
  • User experience identical to native application installation
  • Full use of local printers, scanners and other peripherals
  • Fast Operation, even on legacy hardware and operating systems
  • Application version consistency across the organization
  • Large cost savings on server and device hardware
  • License management included