Cyber Security & Compliance

Enterprise grade security solutions

For small and medium sized business

Have you ever wondered why Cyber Security has suddenly become more important? Hackers are getting smarter and it is a highly profitable crime. We want to help you protect your entire network from cyber attacks and other advanced threats. Business of all sizes are a prime target and are vulnerable to today’s sophisticated hackers. Texas-based BEAR Technologies can provide the security systems necessary to protect your business, data and clients.

In today’s complex world of ever-changing threats, off-the-shelf solutions just don’t offer the robust protection you and your compliance minded clients demand. Our skilled team will analyze your individual needs and build a plan to keep your data protected. Plus, with the help of Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) software, we can eliminate threats that might already be hidden in your network, keeping your network secure. We will introduce best security practices to your employees and monitor your system 24/7 to help maintain a healthy and safe network.

What is the difference between Cyber Security and Compliance?

Cyber Security

  • Driven by a desire to protect and defend your digital assets
  • Delivers rapid detection of advanced and mutating threats
  • Establishes the security to be Compliant


  • Driven by business needs rather than for technical reasons
  • Measures your Cyber Security processes and risks
  • Satisfies external third-party requirements