Disaster Recovery

You worked hard for your data

Solutions to ensure business continuity

No company wants to have a system go down, but when that happens, protecting your data and getting up and running again is a priority. BEAR Technologies customizes solutions to backup your data and business systems—and get you back online in just minutes.

Our technicians, based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, analyze your system to find the solution that fits your unique business needs. We consider your industry, risk tolerance, bandwidth availability and budget. That lets us use the best products and technologies to create a customized backup and disaster recovery system for your business.

One solution might be to replicate your company’s data in an off-site physical or virtual server. This ensures the redundancy necessary in a comprehensive backup system. If anything should happen to the data stored on your company’s site, BEAR Technologies steps in to get your business back up and running again within minutes. We believe that backup is critical, but we also want to ensure that you’re back online in minutes.