Matrix Cloud

Cloud Storage

Safe and secure, just like you like it

BEAR Technologies offers Cloud Storage solutions that keep your organization’s data safe and secure while offering access from anywhere at any time. Avoid the high cost of onsite storage by moving data storage to the Cloud and taking advantage of unlimited scalability.

With our data storage solutions you will never need to worry about whether team members are seeing the most recent version of that important file. You can make sure the entire team is on the same page with current and accurate file versions. Our storage uses intuitive file syncing across all devices. Allowing teams to access, share and change data while collaborating from the office next door or from the client’s location around the globe.

Your business documents are kept safe and secure in the Cloud which saves you the expense of onsite file storage and maintenance allowing you to compete globally while mitigating costs.

Extra benefits

  • Significantly reduce costs
  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • Access your data in real time whenever and wherever