Identity Access Management


With the Power of Single Sign-On

Cyber Smart Authentication for the Modern Workforce

Access Management that makes life easier

Managing multiple passwords is a tricky situation, intuitively we all know that password strength is important but too often one defaults to a simple solution. As those accounts increase in number, so does the threat we put a company. Remove all reasons for your employees to work around password best practices and deliver secure access across your business desktops, web, and mobile devices..

Single Sign-On will empower employees with ease of use and secure access to cloud and company apps on any device. By transforming your platform with a secure single sign-on, you will enjoy a simpler workplace and benefit from more productivity.

CyberSmart Authentication

  • Prevent cyber threats with context-aware adaptive authentication

Easy and Secure Access to Applications

  • Leverage over 6,000 integrations to provide an automated, secure, and trusted experience for your team across all applications, devices, and locations.

Unified Access from Anywhere

  • Enable secure access to your applications – whether they are in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment

Automated Lifecycle Management

  • Save time and money by having BEAR streamline your user management for remote workers across all your applications in real-time.

Reliability and Performance at Scale

  • Confidently secure your remote workforce while scaling users and applications up and down as our business changes