Fiber & Internet Services

Give your business a solid digital foundation with a reliable, high-speed Internet connection

An alternative to impersonal service

Today’s Internet is much different than it was a decade ago—or even five years ago. Your company must stay on top of Internet technology to compete in business. When you partner with Bear Technologies®, we can help you uncover the best way to manage your IT needs and offer Internet solutions that free up valuable resources you need to grow your business.

It is crucial in today’s business world that you partner with a reliable Internet Service Provider. Bear Technologies, based in Plano, Texas, has highly skilled IT professionals who work with you to determine customized solutions for your business. We know you need a fast Internet connection, and we want to ensure you always have enough bandwidth to meet your needs—and that you never suffer during peak hours. Our technicians are experts at network maintenance, giving you a consistent and reliable virtual solution. We have service agreements available as well to cover those unforeseen events.

As your ISP, Bear Technologies provides static and dynamic IP addressing, a variety of speeds and optimal performance on a highly secure network. We work with you to recommend an Internet plan that is ideal for your business and offers that solid digital foundation your company requires.


  • A variety of speeds up to 1 Gbps downstream/upstream
  • Several transport options available including redundant transport if needed
  • Reliability from an organization focused on service
  • Static and Dynamic IP addressing
  • Optimal performance and scalability on a highly secure network
  • Service Level Agreements that cover downtime, packet loss and latency