Network Operations Center

Always on support for your business

Stop IT problems in their tracks

Even the best employees sometimes open a high-risk email or download something that can endanger your system. Not only does this prevent employees from completing their tasks, but it also adds to operational costs and repair bills. Bear Technologies has built a custom Network Operations Center to identify and eliminate these risks before they mature into problems.

Our trained engineers install custom monitoring software designed to meet your needs. If anything changes on your desktops or systems, our software alerts our Network Operations Center of an inconsistency and immediately take actions before serious errors affect your business. This keeps your entire system updated and safe while ensuring you have access to your technology when you need it.

Our Network Operations Center Support incudes:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your systems
  • Performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of data and tape backup logs
  • Application monitoring
  • Software updates
  • Monthly report detailing uptime, security patching, and performance